Harley Balic Cause of Death: Remembered as a Pretty Special Young Man

In this article, we exposed Harley Balic Cause of Death, his age, parents information, family details, wiki, and his biography.

The death of Harley Balic will supposedly form part of Sport Reliability Australia‘s investigation into the AFL’s illicit drugs policy. Ross Lyon, Harley Balic’s coach throughout his time at Fremantle. He was close with the people and a pretty special young man. He died because of drug addiction.

Harley Balic Cause of Death

About Harley Balic Cause of Death
About Harley Balic Cause of Death

Ross Lyon, St Kilda coach says he can accept Harley Balic, a former player who was receiving medical usage and support for illegal drug use while playing.  Balic’s father hit out at the AFL’s prohibited drug policy. Justin Longmuir, Fremantle coach said he could not endorse if Sports Integrity has loomed over the club. Harley Balic died in 2022, at 25, after fighting a drug habit. 

Harley Balic case was allegedly referenced in a declaration by Zeeshan Arain, a former Melbourne Demons doctor. He was presented to Sports Integrity by federal MP Andrew Wilkie last month. That generated an investigation by SIA.

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Harley balic biography

During Lyon’s coaching period, Harley Balic played Fremantle four games before moving to the Demons. He retired from his position in the 2017 season. 

Date of birth 05-Jan-97
Date of death 9 January 2022 (aged 25)
Original team(s) Sandringham Dragons (TAC Cup)
Cause of death  Drug addiction.
Draft No. 38, 2015 national draft
Debut Round 3, 2017Fremantle vs. Western Bulldogs, at Domain Stadium
Height 187 cm (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 86 kg (190 lb)

St Kilda coach, Ross Lyon, delineated the personal association he had with Harley Balic. He remembered Balic as a special young man and the former Fremantle. Could you continue reading to know more Harley Balic Wiki details? 

Harley balic biography
Harley balic biography

Harley Balic Health Condition

Harley Balic died just 25 years after a long fight with drug habit. He played four AFL games at Fremantle. During his play, Lyon was coach of the Dockers. Coach Lyon said that his practice with Balic confirmed that he was silent the one-time subordinate star’s battles intensely and that his desirable support and medical care.

Harley Balic has been responsible for the AFL for his son’s death at the age of 25. Balic died in January 2022. He died a few days after his birthday celebration. Police investigation not find any suspicious circumstances on his death.

Harley balic AFL Draft

Harley balic AFL Draft
Harley balic AFL Draft

Fremantle drafted Balic as the No. 38 pick in the 2015 AFL Draft. Balic made his inauguration for the Dockers in 2017. He played four senior games before he was dealt to Melbourne. Balic also played in Peel Thunder’s 2016 WAFL premiership.

He did not play a senior game for the Demons and retired during his only season with the club in August 2018, at 21, saying he had a lot of passion for the game.

In 2020, Harley Balic spoke in public about concerns about misery and apprehension. He had grieved ensuing to the end of his football career.

Balic’s parents, Eddie Balic and his mother, have now revealed to The Herald Sun their son died after a long battle with drug addiction.

AFL’s controversial medical model

In a short-tempered development, News Corp gossips that during his career. Balic was positioned into the AFL’s provocative medical model that unlocks the door for performers to take banned substances without fronting consequences. According to the report, Balic’s death has been the focus of a SIA investigation.

AFL's controversial medical model
AFL’s controversial medical model

The anti-doping watchdog in March said it had begun assessing allegations made by Federal MP Andrew Wilkie surrounding the sport’s illicit drug policy.

The confederation came under fire last month when Willkie in assembly shared shock evidence from whistle-blowers. It includes the former Melbourne doctor Zeeshan Arain. He accused the confederacy of cover-up cases where players tested positive for illegal matters outside of opposition. His family suffered from his loss.

Subsequent to the rights, the AFL admitted to having a secret, drug testing operation. The proposal players would be able to false injuries to be heaved out of games at the late warning to avoid match-day anti-doping medicine tests sparked fierce discussion about the secret testing program.

AFL Players’ Association

The AFL, however, refused to take a backward step in supporting its medical model that prioritizes the health and well-being of players under the voluntary illicit drug testing policy agreed to by the AFL Players’ Association.

A vital pillar of the code’s illegal drug policy is that players with noted drug glitches are placed into the supposed medical model where drug raids are not verified. Only club doctors are well-versed if a player tests positive for an illicit material. Eddie Balic says he believes his son’s death could have been prevented if the league had “better supports” in place. Click Here

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