Laurence Fox Death 2024 – Detail of His Pending Law Suit Case & Personal Life

Laurence Fox Death is a hoax. He is sued for $220,000 for a case against a UK Star and Charity Trustee. The article covers details on his Family and Biography.


Name:  Laurence Fox
Popularly Known As: Laurence Fox
Net Worth: $4 Million
Birthdate: 26 May 1978
Birthplace: Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Height: NA
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Profession: Actor and Politician


  • Laurence Fox is sued to pay around $220,000 for passing racist comments on UK Star and Charity Trustee.
  • He was sued for calling them Paedophiles over his social media posts
  • Fox comes from a family of the entertainment industry
  • His cousins Freddie and Emilia, brother Jack as well as grandfather Robin are into acting
  • He has two children from his ex-wife, Billie Piper
  • Fox has requested an appeal from the court
  • The judgement was passed on Thursday, 25 April 2024
  • He was also sacked from a weekly show called GB News for commenting on a female journalist

The Laurence Fox Death hashtag is currently trending on the internet. Netizens are eager to know if everything is well with the actor-turned-politician and are curious to understand if the news has any weight.

According to recent reports, Laurence Fox is being sued by the former Stonewell trustee Simon Blake and the drag artist Crystal. This relates to a row that is happening on Twitter. He was asked to pay a huge amount of 1,80,000 Euros in compensation for the libel damages.

The news has gained prominence and spotlight Worldwide. In this article, we conducted elaborate research related to Laurence Fox and his lifestyle.

So continue to read until the end to learn every detail related to his life, family, biography, and more in the upcoming paragraphs.

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Laurence Fox Death – What is the Truth in this News?

Laurence Fox Death
Laurence Fox Death

Laurence Fox Death hashtag is spreading on the internet, considering the tweet shared by the actor on the death of Shane MacGowan. According to research and Wiki details, along with the memories and clips pouring in for Shane MacGowan, the internet was also filled with takedowns on Laurance Fox.

Based on sources, Fox had tweeted complaining about BBC’s decision to replay the edited version related to the Fairytale of New York.

The tweet, which was three years old, again resurfaced on the death of Shane MacGowan. He had allegedly asked BBC to send the original version of Fairytale of New York instead of the edited version.

This sparked a hashtag on the internet, Laurence Fox Death, which posted the news of his getting sued for libel damages.

We unearthed a few more facts and details surrounding Fox, and we have included the entire information in the coming paragraphs.

What is Laurence Fox’s Age and Biography?

Laurence Fox was born Laurence Paul Fox on 26 May 1978. He was born in Leeds, England, in the United States. As per his birth year, his current Age is 45 as of 2024.

Fox is a renowned broadcaster, actor, musician, and activist involved in many political activities and a member of the British entertainment industry’s Fox Family.

Fox is highly educated and known for his intellect. From a young age, he followed his passion for dramatics and entertainment and thus graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

He debuted with the Hole movie, which was released in 2001, and his portrayal as Lewis received global recognition.

Laurence Fox’s Political Career

Fox has always been open about his thoughts on society’s happenings. One example is his publicly criticising George Floyd protests and COVID-19 vaccines during 2020.

He founded the right-wing populist political party Reclaim. In the same year, he stood for the 2021 London mayoral election. However, he did not find success and gained only 1.9% of the vote.

When researching information based on Laurence Fox Death, we came across the news of his recent suit for 1,80,000 Euros instead of libel damages.

Laurence Fox’s Parents and Family

Fox was born to Mary Elizabeth Piper, his mother and James Fox, his father. His parents played a significant role in shaping his political vision.

His father was an actor, and his family has been majorly involved in the entertainment industry. According to research, his paternal grandfather, Robin Fox, was a talent agent who gave opportunities to newer talents in the industry.

Angela Worthington, Fox’s grandmother was an acclaimed actress. Furthermore, his great grandfather, Frederick Lonsdale was also a renowned playwright of his time.

Fox has two elder and younger siblings. His elder brothers are Tom and Robin, his younger sister is Lydia, and his brother is Jack. Laurence’s elder brother is a film producer, while his sister and younger brother are actors.

Based on research, Lydia is married to Richard Ayoade, a filmmaker and comedian. Fox’s extended family is also in the entertainment business. His uncles are Robert Fox and Edward Fox, who are also actors.

His cousins, Freddie Fox and Emilia are the actors and children of Edward Fox.

Laurence’s Journey into Acting and Politics

Laurence was raised in a culturally rich background. He is an evangelical Christian and completed his schooling at Harrow School. Based on his biography, acquired through research, Fox was expelled from his school after taking his A-Level exams.

Fox worked as a gardener for a brief period and also in the office. Later, he decided to follow his Family’s path and got into acting. He successfully gained his seat after auditioning for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

He was part of various student productions and played movie lead roles. These include the role of Gregers Werle in The Wild Duck by Ibsen and Marcus Andronicus in the show Titus Andronicus, along with being a part of the adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses as Stephen Daedalus.


Laurence Fox, the actor who recently entered politics, lost his High Court libel case against Simon Blake, the former trustee of Stonewall, and Crystal, a drag artist. 

After the verdict, Fox asked for an appeal. He also threatened to boycott Sainsbury’s counter by accusing him of racism and wanted to sue Nicola Thorp, a broadcaster. Laurence rose to prominence as an actor by starring in various ITV series.

It is yet to be noted if the appeal is taken for the verdict. After hosting the GB News show, he was sacked for passing comments about a female journalist in October 2023.

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