Mesa College Death Suicide: Read Biography & Age of Victim 2024

What are the details about Mesa College Death Suicide? People are interested to know Age and Family background of the victim, read here for understanding the topic better.  

Article on ‘Mesa College Death Suicide’ tries provides details about Biography, Age, Parents, and Family details of the concerned person. 

Wikipedia Details of Suicide Case 

Unfortunately, no details related to the Mesa college suicide or death case are available on the internet. The discussion has been sparked through a reddit post. In that post, a reddit user has posted a picture in which police has restricted the area and some investigation is going on.

The picture was titled ‘anyone knows what happened in mesa college?’ This post on reddit was updated around nine hours ago. People have been commenting and discussing about different things related to the case.

The person posted the picture has also mentioned that, some of the students even heard a loud bang. The sound was loud and clear. But nobody knowns what is going on. But, there no confirmation from the college authorities yet. 

Also, the shocking part is that no news coverage has been given to this case. No local or national news channel has addressed this issue. It is like the incident has not happened. Thus, we can say, we have no official confirmation of the case.

Note: We will provide every detail regarding this case that we can find on the internet. But, the information has not been verified. Because the college has not provided any statement to address this issue.  

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What are the Biography Details of Victim?

What are the Biography Details of Victim

As per the reports, a person has been passed away the reason has not been disclosed. Many people claim to have heard loud banging noise. Thus, many assume that the person might have jumped off the building.

It was a student who passed away. Many students have claimed to confirmed it through a professor on their campus of Mesa College. The incident happened around the Math & Science faculty building. 

However, the details about the identity of the victim are unknown. Nobody know if it was a girl or a boy. Name, age and other details are of the person wo died at the campus has not been revealed. 

Thus, netizens have to wait for an official statement by the college addressing Mesa College Death Suicide in April 2024. Before that speculating anything would be wrong. Interestingly, there is no update about the same on any concerned and trusted portals. 

Update From Family of the Victim

Family of the victim has not come forward yet. The incident might have happened on 25th of April 2024, during the daytime. Because one person who claims to be a student of the college told, that he had to take different route to reach his class and only to find it was cancelled. 

Then, upon reaching the class he was informed by another student about the incident. Then, he understood the reason why he was not allowed to pass through that building. He also, revealed that the news is shared among the students and no faculty member has told anything to them. 

The people on the internet worried about the incident are waiting for the victim’s Parents to come forward. Because they will be the person who may tell anything about the incident. Currently, just vague details about the case are available. 

More About Mesa College Death Suicide

After reviewing and going through all the comments on the reddit post, we found a comment, where a student has shared an email. The email is from the faculty of the college and they informed students about a loss of life.

If the screen shot of the email is real or not, nobody knows. Nevertheless, we attach the same screen shot below. The sender was ‘SDCCD’ and the subject read ‘Message to the community: Loss of Life at San Diego Mesa College.’

It also had a banner of ‘Message from president’ as the opening of the email. In the mail they have provided the counsellor’s number and faculty building address of the health centre. They have ensured that they provide help in case of crisis. 

In the email they advised the student to go see the counsellor is case of need. They will surely help each and every individual. They have addressed to both students and faculty members. Thus, any faculty member facing any issue can also seek help.

They have provided contacting details in the email. The email looks authentic. However, nothing can be trusted on the internet. Thus, we are not claiming these things to be true and simply providing the details. 

Past Cases of Suicide & Death at Campus

Almost, 11 years ago in 2013 a student committed suicide by jumping off from a campus building. However, the college tagged the incident as fall from the building. However, everyone knew it was suicide. 

It was a young girl in 2013 who died by falling. The incident happened around 3:15 pm in noon (as described by the students). They heard a loud noise just like a gunshot. As the reports says, someone jumped from the library’s lobby. 

Many students says that she was sitting on the edge of (maybe) 3rd or 4th floor’s lobby. Her back was facing outside and a little disbalance made her fell on the ground at the entrance of library. 

The incident was unfortunate and sad. People claimed that, nobody hear the girl’s scream, as she may have if it was an accidental fall. However, she did not screamed at all, makes it a suicide. However, to this date these are just speculations. Investigation reports, said it was an accidental fall. 

Final Words On Mesa College Death Suicide

No, authorised and official news has been issued about the incident. Thus, to confirm all the details we must wait until the college notifies about it. Or at-least any trusted news channel talks about it.

Spreading false rumour or news of harmful for the involved parties. Thus, we should always try to avoid any such posts from re-sharing. Background knowledge and direct verification is important. 

Visit the crisis support portal of San Diego Mesa college, if in case of need. They have assured to help everyone.

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