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The demise of the 10 years old girl from Punjab’s Patiala has stunned the entire country. The Punjabi girl passed away after eating her birthday cake her family ordered on her birthday. The entire family member who ate the cake fell ill. The cake was ordered online from a bakery. 

Reports reveal that the cake included high amount of sweet-tasting compound naming saccharine. Usually, a low amount of saccharine are included in foods and drinks. However, excessive amount of saccharine in food can lead increase in blood glucose level. 

The cake was taken for tests and reports concluded that the cake contains high amount of saccharine as reported by |District Health Officer, DHO Dr Vijay Jindal. An Fir was filed against the bakery and officials claim to take action against the bakery who used high amount of saccharine to cook the cake. Following this incident, the Food ordering app “Zomato” banned the bakery owner and removed the bakery from its app.

Punjab Girl Birthday Cake Death: Wiki

The Punjabi girl who passed away following the consumption of the birthday cake was identified to be Manvi. She belongs to Patiala, Punjab. Her age was 10 years old. She died after eating her birthday cake. The incident took place in March. The 10 years old girl died dur to food poisoning. Manvi along with her family member fell ill following the consumption of the cake that birthday night. The cake was ordered web-based portal.

Punjab Girl Birthday Cake Death Wiki
Punjab Girl Birthday Cake Death Wiki

Four samples were taken from the bakery that suppled the birthday cake. The reports revealed high level of synthetic sweetener as reported by the health officials on Monday. The raid conducted at the bakery following this incident. 

The reports of the cake came out after one month of the fatal incident. Out of the four samples taken from the bakery, two of the samples revealed high level of saccharin. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener. It is used as an alternative of sugar. However, high amount of substance can lead to stomach upset. 

The samples were taken after a raid was conducted at the bakery. The court will soon be informed about the findings from the samples and action will be taken against the bakery. Besides, the family member of Manvi also filed a case against the bakery.

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The 10 years old Punjabi girl from Patiala has been the talk of the town following her demise after eating her birthday cake. The video of the incident was also made viral on social platforms. The video reveals the 10 years old girl joyfully cutting her birthday cake and enjoying her birthday with her family. The incident happened on March 24 where the entire family fell ill after eating the chocolate cake ordered for Manvi’s birthday.

Meanwhile, after eating the cake Manvi along with her younger sister fell ill. The girls were found vomiting and Manvi stated that she felt dryness in her mouth and was feeling thirsty as reported by Manvi’s grandfather. The family members immediately took Manvi to the nearby Hospital after that she became unconscious. Shortly, she passed away. 

The Parent of Manvi alleged that their daughter died after eating the chocolate cake. They claimed that the cake ordered from “Cake Kanha” contained some poisonous material. Later after tests, it was concluded that the cake contained high amount of artificial sweetener. Authorities will soon take actions against the bakery.


Punjab Girl Birthday Cake Death Biography
Punjab Girl Birthday Cake Death Biography

The chocolate cake linked to the demise of the Punjabi girl was baked with high concentration of artificial sweetener. |On |March 24, the 10 years old girl Manvi along with her family members fell ill after eating the birthday cake. The cake was ordered from web-based portal from a bakery in Patiala. A Fir was filed against the bakery after the findings of the samples showed high amount of saccharine. 

The video Biography of Manvi’s birthday has been also trending on online platforms. Manvi was found celebrating her birthday with her family and was cutting the cake. The District Health officer Dr. Vijay Jindal told the news officials that the sample which were taken for tests contains high level of saccharine (artificial sweetener).  

What is Saccharine?

What is Saccharine
What is Saccharine

As per Wiki, Saccharine is known to be a artificial sweetener commonly used in foods and drinks as an alternative of sugar. It is a synthetic sweetener that was introduced in 1879 by Cinstantin Fahlberg. He was a chemist working at the Johns Hopkins University. It is known to be 300-400 times more sweeter than sugar. The sweetener does not contain any calories thereby used in most baked foods, and beverages as a replacement of sugar. 

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