Kellie Pickler Husband Obituary: Know More About Death News

What is Kellie Pickler Husband Obituary? Read all the related information about Kyle Jacobs here. 


Name:  Kyle Christopher Jacobs
Popularly Known As:

Kyle Jacobs

Birthdate: 26th June 1973 
Birthplace: Bloomington, Minnesota, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American 
Profession: Entrepreneur, Record Producer, Actor, Record Executive, Music Manager and Media Proprietor 
Marital Status 



Kellie Pickler

Age  43 years 

Singer and Actress Kellie Pickler comes back on stage almost a year after his husband’s death. Jacobs died on 17th February 2023, and the case was assumed to be a suicide. Kellie’s fans from the US and Canada are happy to see her back on stage. 

Kellie Pickler Husband Obituary

About Kellie Pickler Husband Obituary
About Kellie Pickler Husband Obituary

Kellie Pickler was away from the stage and worked for a while after his husband Jacobs passed away. Kellie must have been heartbroken and revealed during her performance that she was trying to do nothing for some time. 

Jacobs suggested this to me: ‘Do nothing and stay still.’ So, she was doing the same and mourning her husband’s loss. She told her audience that it was the darkest time in her life. She thanked all her fans and Family for their support during the tough times she faced after Jacobs died. 

Kyle Christopher Jacobs was 49 when he passed away on 17th February 2023.  As per the investigation reports, Kyle died due to a self-shot gun wound. This has been investigated as a suicide case. Kyle was found dead in the apartment where the couple lived. Their home was in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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More Details About Kellie’s Come Back

More Details About Kellie's Come Back
More Details About Kellie’s Come Back

On 22nd April 2024, Kellie performed at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. She was emotional and nervous to perform after a long time. Kellie’s age is 37 years. It was her first performance after her husband’s death. She performed on ‘The Woman I Am,’ this song was written by Kellie and her Kyle. Ryman Auditorium was also where she went on a date with her husband for the last time. She exclaimed that she knew Kyle was here with us (as a way of remembering him).    

Kyle Jacobs’ death remains a mystery to a lot of people, including cops. The investigation claimed it was an apparent suicide case. After Kyle’s death, people are searching for ‘Kellie pickler suicide’ these phrases on the internet. However, it was Kellie’s husband who committed suicide, not Kellie. She won the sixteenth season of Dancing with the Stars in 2013. Her partner was Derek Hough. After Kellie’s comeback on Monday, she has become a topic of discussion among the netizens. 

Kellie Pickler Biography 

Kellie Pickler Biography 
Kellie Pickler Biography

Kellie was born on 28th June 1986 in Albemarle, North Carolina, United States. Kellie’s full name is Kellie Dawn Pickler. Pickler is majorly popular as a country and country pop singer. However, Pickler is also a songwriter, actress and singer. She came to the limelight after appearing in the fifth American Idol season. In the show, she finished in the sixth spot. 

However, her early life days were not easy. Her parents were good enough to take care of her. Mother ran away while she was a toddler. Her father used to be in prison for most of her formative years. He had an addiction to harmful substances and used to commit crimes such as robbery, etc. She mostly grew up with her grandparents. However, after her mother returned two to three years later, she got her custody. However, she used to harm her physically and emotionally. Eventually, her mother lost her custody, and she lived with her grandparents again. 

Kellie Pickler with Kyle Jacobs 

Kellie Pickler with Kyle Jacobs 
Kellie Pickler with Kyle Jacobs

Around the year 2007, Kyle and Kellie started dating each other. After dating for more than two years, they decided to get engaged. Thus, on 15th June 2010, they got engaged. They wanted to have an elaborate wedding ceremony. However, as the day approached, they were still figuring out what to do. Thus, the couple eloped to a Caribbean Island and married each other in a very private ceremony. 

There are no Kellie Pickler kids. The couple did not have any children. It was just Kellie and Kyle in their Family. However, Kyle’s death has left Kellie all alone and heartbroken. She distanced herself from her singing and acting career. For more than a year, she did not do anything. She only sat back and mourned Kyle’s loss. The couple was married for over ten years and was to have been around 15 years.

Kyle Jacobs’ Details  

Kyle was born on 26th June 1973 in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States. Kyle was a famous songwriter (country music), guitarist, vocalist and pianist. Jacobs’s untimely death was an unfortunate moment for everyone who knew him. Kyle proposed to Kellie on her grandmother’s (late) birthday at a beach during the sunset. 

He had collaborated with many singers and starred in the reality show ‘I Love Kellie Pickler’ alongside his wife, Kellie Pickler. It was a CMT (country music television) reality TV series. Garth Brook’s song ‘More Than A Memory,’ which he co-wrote with him, became number one on the billboard under the county music chart.

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