Kandice Straub Death: Find Full Details On Straub Parma Ohio

This article will help to get all the details related on Kandice Straub Death. Also, find out the actual reason behind Parma Ohio Police’s sudden demise here.

Are you curious to know the exact death cause of Kandice Straub? Who is Kandice Straub?

Well, this news aims to share all the details for sudden death of a female police officer. Unfortunately, she passed away recently due to specific reasons. Her sudden demise put many people into a state of shock. People are also looking for the exact reasons for her passing away. She belonged to Ohio, United States. Thus, to get every detail regarding Kandice Straub Death, give a quick read of this article.

Who is Kandice Straub?

Kandice Straub joined as the first female police officer in the Parma Police SWAT Team in Ohio. She served the Parma police department from December 2019. She served as a dedicated female police officer continuously from 2019 onwards. However, she had to leave her close ones and her colleagues for a sudden incident.  She had a beautiful soul and a wonderful smile. She held a courageous spirit as well behind the contagious smile. Her soothing personality made everyone really comfortable around her.

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Kandice Straub Parma Ohio news details!

After Kandice Straub’s sudden death, she became one of the most significant people in the discussion on news platforms. Her dedicated nature towards her work and her fierce personality is acknowledged by many. Thus, her passing is an essential topic of conversation for now. She was loved and respected by all who Kandice Straub had contact with. The Parma police department also shared a tribute post on social media platforms, which states that she has a beautiful soul. The department also wrote that she would be truly missed.

What is the Cause for Kandice Straub Death?

What is the Cause for Kandice Straub Death
What is the Cause for Kandice Straub Death

An officer, namely, Kandice Straub, suddenly passed away on 16th April 2024 (Tuesday). The exact reason or cause for her death is currently unavailable on online sources. Thus, we are unable to share the precise reason for her death. Her family members didn’t reveal any information regarding the exact reasons for her passing away. Kandice’s unfortunate death made her family extremely sad. Also, Kandice’s close family members are in a state of shock after her sudden death.

Kandice Straub’s Funeral details

According to various sources, Kandice Straub’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday, 21st April, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. onwards. Various news on Kandice Straub Parma Ohio has shared the details regarding the funeral. Thus, her family and her colleagues are invited to the funeral.  The funeral is scheduled at 5762 Pearl Road in Parma. Also, a mass is scheduled at the Mary Queen of Peace Parish located at 4423 Pearl Road in Cleveland. This Mass will start at around 11 a.m. The passing away of Kandice Straub really made a significant impact on her near and dear one’s life.

Details on Kandice Straub’s Obituary

The Parma Police Chief, Mr. James Blair, first shared the mourning post on Kandice Straub Death. The post shared the she had a beautiful soul, and will be missed by many. Also, the post shared her true nature and charming personality. Thus, later, major online platforms shared the obituary details on the deceased Kandice Straub.

Kandice Straub’s Family details

Kandice had a beautiful family, and she was a beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, and a lovely niece as well. Her father is Roger Straub, and her mother is Karla (nee Klein). Her brother is Cameron Straub, and her grandmother is Joyce Straub. Her colleagues and friends even loved her. Kandice Straub Death made her family deeply sad and heartbroken.

Was Kandice Straub Married?

According to various sources, Kandice Straub was unmarried at the time of her death. Also, details regarding her previous partners and relationships aren’t available on the online news platforms. Thus, she chose to keep the details regarding her affairs personal. Therefore, we are unable to share information on her boyfriend.

Kandice Straub’s Nationality & more

Kandice Straub, the now deceased, holds American nationality. She was born and brought up in the U.S.A., and later, she worked in the Parma Police as well. Several sources have shared details on Kandice Straub Parma Ohio death news. However, they still need to provide the details on which religion Kandice Straub followed. Therefore, we are unaware of the religion that she followed before her death.

Information on Kandice Straub’s Career & more

Kandice Straub was the first female of the S.W.A.T. team and was a Parma Police Officer. Details regarding her education currently need to be provided. However, she was an intelligent police officer who served in the Parma police department with utmost dedication. For her continuous service in the Parma police department, she will be remembered by many.

Details regarding Kandice’s Educational Qualification

Many are interested to know about her education qualification after Kandice Straub Death.

  • High school- Unavailable.
  • College- Not provided.
  • Diploma- Unknown.

As of now, information regarding her educational qualifications has yet to be made available. Thus, we are unable to share her educational details at this moment.

Kandice Straub’s Wiki details

The table below will help you understand Kandice Straub’s Wiki details. 

Name- Kandice Straub.
Occupation- Police officer.
Date of Birth- 1996 (not confirmed).
Age- 28 Years.
Husband- Not known.
Cause of death- Unavailable.
Nationality- American.
Religion- Not known.

What is Kandice Straub’s current age?

According to the details presented, Kandice died at the age of 28. People discussed her age and more afterward. Kandice Straub DeathHowever, we cannot provide accurate details on her birthday as she has kept all the details hidden. 

Kandice Straub’s height & more

The details on Kandice Straub’s height are currently unavailable. Thus, we have skipped sharing accurate information about her age. However, it is assumed that she was of good height as she served in the Parma police department.


The present article shares all the necessary details regarding Kandice Straub’s death news. We have provided all the required details regarding the sudden death of this beautiful soul. We share our deep condolences with her family after hearing the Kandice Straub Death news. She was a beloved daughter, sister, and granddaughter.

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