Erivan Haub Death Reason: Full Biography With Wife, Age, & Parents

What are the details related to Erivan Haub Death Reason? Read everything about Karl-Erivan Haub here.

Headlines of Erivan Haub’s disappearance in 2018 caused chaos. Haub was later declared to be dead. However, as per a reporter, Erivan has been living with his mistress in Italy, and the disappearance was planned. People from Canada, the United States, and India are intrigued to know more. 

Ervin Haub Wikipedia Details & Death

Ervin Haub Wikipedia Details & Death
Ervin Haub Wikipedia Details & Death

Haub was a skilled ski mountaineer. One month after his father’s passing, on April 7, 2018, he left to train for a ski tour in Zermatt, Switzerland and never came back. As a result, he was declared missing. He was reportedly planning to compete in the world’s largest ski touring competition, the Patrouille des Glaciers, which begins in Zermatt (or in the region to the west, Arolla) and concludes in Verbier. He had participated in this 53-kilometer event for a number of years.

Tengelmann declared that Christian, Haub’s brother, would become the company’s sole CEO on April 18, 2018, the day after Haub vanished. The search was canceled a week after Haub vanished, and he is currently thought to be dead—a growing lack of prospects for success led to the search being abandoned in October 2018. 

 Haub was officially pronounced dead by the Cologne district court on May 14, 2021, with his official time of death recorded as midnight on April 7, 2018. However, according to a May 2023 article in the German journal Stern, Haub may have really fled to Russia in order to start over and may have been spotted there in 2021.

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Erivan Haub Wife & More

Erivan Haub Wife & More
Erivan Haub Wife & More

Erivan’s wife was Katrin Haub, and they got married in 1958. Katrin and Karl-Erivan have two children. Karl-Erivan Haub was the former CEO of Tengelmann Group. Karl was born on March 2, 1960, in Tacoma, Washington. Haub studied at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland from 1978 to 1983. He was an intern at Tengelmann Group at the same time. The Haub family is among the richest in the world, according to Forbes.

Karl has also worked at the companies Nestle and McKinsey & Company. Then, he joined his father’s company, Tengelmann Group. In the year 2000, Erivan-Karl Haub became the chairman of the company. He had completed his Masters in Business and had a proper practical knowledge of working before joining his father’s company. 

Details About Erivan-Karl Haub’s Father

Erivan-Karl Haub’s father, Erivan Karl Matthias Haub, was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, on September 29, 1932. He was a billionaire businessman from Germany who served as managing director and CEO of Tengelmann Group, one of the biggest stores in Germany. His estimated net worth was $6.4 billion when he passed away in March 2018. He and his wife, Helga Otto 1958, gave birth to three sons, namely Karl-Erivan Haub, Georg Haub, and Christian W.E. Haub.  

Details About Erivan-Karl Haub's Father
Details About Erivan-Karl Haub’s Father

He finished two internships with the Jewel Tea firm in Chicago and the Alpha-Beta company in La Habra, California. Then, he went back to Germany to attend the University of Hamburg to study economics. He and his spouse resided in Tacoma, Washington, in the 1960s. He was only one spot, surpassing Bill Gates as the sixth most wealthy individual in the United States at one point, but he eventually fell to around 250th. Haub passed away in his Wyoming, USA, home. 

Erivan Matthias joined his father’s company in 1963. He took over as the managing director of the organization in March of 1969 because of the passing of his uncle Karl Schmitz-Scholl. Haub focused the Tengelmann group’s operations on the retail sector. Tengelmann grew under his direction: in 1971, it acquired the supermarket chain Kaiser; in 1972, Haub established the low-cost food store Plus. Tengelmann concentrated on developing its overseas operations in the ensuing years, which resulted in the acquisition of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1979. He joined the supervisory board in 2000 and gave his son Karl-Erivan the post.

What is the Recent News About Karl-Erivan Haub? 

According to a thorough inquiry, the mysterious billionaire has now been located in Moscow, where he is reportedly residing with his younger mistress, according to German station RTL. According to RTL, 64-year-old Karl-Erivan Haub resides in Russia with Veronika Ermilova. Many people have been connecting his disappearance with his business ties and extensive business with Russia.  

What is the Recent News About Karl-Erivan Haub
What is the Recent News About Karl-Erivan Haub

It appears that in all three days preceding Ermilova’s abduction, Haub made thirteen calls to him. The length of the calls—one going on for more than an hour—has fueled rumors that the millionaire staged his disappearance. The Cologne state prosecutor’s office has also launched an investigation into claims that Christian, Haub’s brother, falsified information in an affidavit, claiming he was unaware of his brother’s location. 

However, these are just the claims made by the investigator. It has not been proven true by any authority. However, an investigation has been started to search for the truth. The chances of Karl-Erivan Haub living with his mistress in Italy are, however, said to be around 90%. These are just theories, and people are finding them intriguing and exciting. Thus, it has become a topic of discussion all around the world. 

Why do People Believe in this Theory?

Netizens find this theory to be believable because there are a lot of factors that do not contribute to Karl’s death. 

  • Karl-Erivan was a skilled Skier and mountaineer. 
  • Karl’s missing body was never found in the Alps, even after an intensive search for six days.
  • He talked to his mistress a lot prior to his disappearance. He used to speak to her for hours.
  • Veronika Ermilova and Haub’s relationship traces back in time. They have been entangled with each other. Such as, they were mostly present in the same cities during the same time, etc. 

These were just a few points why many believe the rumour to be true. Karl-Erivan might or might not be alive.

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