Bob Cole Obituary 2024 – Know Bob Cole’s Family, Bob Cole Hockey, & Bob Cole’s Wife

The article highlights details of Bob Cole Obituary, his family and wife details, and his further hockey achievements.

The post details Bob Cole Obituary, his Family, his Hockey announcer career, and his Wife. 


  • BOB Cole, a play-by-play man and sports announcer, passed away on April 24th, 2024, at 90. People from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are eager to know the cause of his death. 
  • People are looking for the Bob Cole Obituary details after they came across the news of his passing away. 
  • Bob’s passing away has brought a sense of shock among his family and friends, and his fellow broadcaster informed that he passed away on Wednesday night at his home. 
  • His daughter Megan told him that he did not suffer from any illness and that he was healthy. 
  • Cole had been a part of the most iconic hockey games and was known for his unique phrases that he used during the entire gameplay. 

Bob Cole Obituary

About Bob Cole Obituary

People, after hearing about Bob’s sudden death, are eager to know about his auditory details and the funeral processions that will take place. However, those details still need to be updated, and we need current information regarding his obituary. Bob started broadcasting in April 1969. 

All in all, a former NHL broadcaster who loved Cole’s voice and mentioned that his voice was like a Symphthat of symphony always remained an icon in the sport and will always be remembered as the voice of hockey across the globe. Although he was 90 years old, it never felt like being ninety.

The family has not reported anything yet about his funeral processions. If there is an update about his obituary, we will update it in our post. He left a long-lasting impact on everyone’s life, and people who knew him were disheartened after learning of his death. 

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Bob Cole Family

Bob Cole Family

Bob Cole has a daughter, and we came to know about it after she posted his father’s health updates after he passed away. Apart from his daughter, we still need relevant family details about the sports broadcaster. There have been no updates regarding his parents or other kids apart from Megan.

Bob Cole was known for his unique ability to announce sports and hails from Canada. He was famous for his work on hockey night. In his early life, he suffered from an extreme injury that made him hospitalized for six months. He used to listen to the radio, and from there, he was interested in becoming a hockey announcer. 

He gave an audition in Hewitt’s office, and after he listened to his recorded tape and his announcement, he was welcomed, and they both had a conversation for approximately two hours. As we have no details of Cole’s family, we cannot comment much, but we send our heartfelt condolences to the family during their challenging time. 

Bob Cole Wiki

Let’s have a look at Bob Cole’s Wikipedia details:

Full Name Robert Cecil Cole CM 
Date of birth June 24 1933
Place of birth Canada
Date of death April 24, 2024
Age  90 years
Profession  Sportscaster
Nationality  Canadian
Cause of death Unknown

Bob Cole Wiki

Bob Cole Hockey

Bob Cole is very popularly known as the hockey announcer, and his passing away has shocked his fans and followers, who loved listening to his broadcasts. He was famously known for his NHL announcement. Bob Cole was awarded the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996, and he also won the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award.

Bob Cole was the sports announcer of hockey for half a century in Canada and had a long-lasting impact on the past announcers and the upcoming announcers who will take his place. The bar is set extremely high, and people enjoy watching the game and listening to his announcements during the game. 

Jima Hughson replaced Bob Cole after he retired in 2019. Players were unhappy with his retirement, but they paid tribute, which made him emotional. Bob also broadcasted in the Olympic games, which became a memorable Canadian experience. Before he started his career in broadcasting, he was a curler. 

Bob Cole Wife

Bob Cole Wife

Bob Cole’s wife’s details are still missing online. The details of his family and his wife is unavailable. Much in-depth information about him is yet to be updated online, and as soon as we get our hands on his family details, we will update all the information in our post. 

The recent information of his death has captured the internet, and people are paying their condolences through social media handles. He did not suffer from any health issues, and that was confirmed by his daughter, who mentioned he was healthy till the end. 

Bob Cole was the first newsreader on TV, and the host of the high school quiz show Reach for the Top, which became famous for its unique hosting techniques. He became one of the most recognized and well-known personalities in his area. He had this unique talent for making even the dull games enjoyable.


Bob Cole was born in Canada, worked for the CB, and was a well-known professional curler. Cool started broadcasting for hockey night in Newfoundland, Canada, in 1969. His first television show was aired in 1973. He became the lead announcer for the show on CBC till 2008. He was found broadcasting for at least one game for the Stanley Cup finals. 

Bob has won many awards and recognitions; in 2007, he won the Gemini Award. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Screen Awards. The TV film The Magic Hockey Skates also has Bob’s voice released in 2013.


Bob Cole left a long-lasting impact in people’s lives. He taught us to be jolly and cheerful even at an old age. Cole will always be remembered by his fans and his family. The obituary details of Cole is unavailable at present. Cole was an inspiration for all and we will forever remember his legacy. People unaware of the famous Canadian hockey broadcaster Bob Cole can find his details online and his videos where his announcement is provided.

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