Angry Rantman Death Reason: Full Biography With Age, And Parents

The article provides information about Angry Rantman Death Reason, his Wiki, Biography, Age, and Parents’ details.

Angry Rantman, a famous YouTuber, passed away at the early age of 27. People Worldwide are eager to know the reason for his death, and we came to know that he suffered from multiple organ failure that led to his untimely passing away.

Abhradeep Saha, popularly known as Angry Rent Man, was known for his sense of humor and made videos on sports, such as, football, and cricket. People loved watching his videos, and were in a state of shock after they learned about his Southern passing away on Wednesday. 

The sports YouTuber touched millions of lives with his videos and was one of the most famous social media influencers with a unique commentary style. More details related to his funeral are yet to be released, as his family has not reported much since his death. 

Angry Rantman Death Reason

After the news of the YouTuber spread online, people started looking for the reason behind his death at such an early age. Recently, he was admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru as he was critical. He underwent open heart surgery a few months ago, and since then, his health started deteriorating. 

About Angry Rantman Death Reason
About Angry Rantman Death Reason

A few days ago, his father updated that Abradeep was in a serious condition and he was kept on life support. he asked his fans and followers to pray for his speedy recovery. After the heart surgery, he suffered from multiple organ failure, and his condition kept worsening. 

After several efforts from doctors and nurses, they could not save him, and he passed away on Wednesday. Abhradeep’s presence is badly missed, and millions will remember him as people with whom his honesty and sense of humour touched him. The family announced his death on April 17 with a note on social media. 

Angry Rantman Wiki

Let’s have a look at Angry Rantman’s Wikipedia details:

Full Name Abhradeep Saha
Birth Date 19 February 1996
Place of birth Kolkata. West Bengal 
Death date 17 April 2024
Age  27 years
Marital status  Unmarried
Profession  Content Creator and a YouTuber
Nationality Indian
Education Graduate
Angry Rantman Wiki
Angry Rantman Wiki


Abhradeep Saha, most prominently known as the Angry Run Man, was an Indian YouTuber popular for his unique commentary style in sports. He became one of the famous Indian content creators after his videos started gaining attention, and people loved the content he posted online. 

He became famous due to the YouTube videos he posted on his channel and how he presented them, which people liked. Suddenly, he started gaining a huge number of followers, reaching approximately 482k subscribers on YouTube. His screaming out of frustration at certain events was one of the best reactions he could ever give. 

He uploaded his first video, named Why I won’t watch the Annabelle movie, and the video was so unique that it crossed 100k views since he posted it in 2017. He had a massive passion for the Chelsea football club, and his videos were also related to the football game, which showed his strong passion for the sport. 

Angry Rantman Death Reason Biography
Angry Rantman Death Reason Biography

Angry Rantman Age

Angry Rantman was only 27 years of age at the time of his death. YouTube lost his life at a very early age, and people were expecting him to reach the pinnacle of success in his coming years, but unfortunately, God had different plans, and even after multiple dries, people could not save him. 

What led to his open heart surgery and multiple algae organ failure is yet to be revealed. It is a surprise that people at such a young age suffer from heart conditions that unfortunately take their lives. His prior health conditions are yet to be revealed by the family to know whether he has been suffering from any conditions since he was young. 

Most of his clips online became immediate viral content as soon as he posted, and his expressions were so needed that people loved watching his videos. As soon as a new sport was conducted, people eagerly waited for the reaction video he would upload to his channel. 

Angry Rantman Age
Angry Rantman Age


Angry Rantman’s parents have not been reported, as we do not know his parents. There are no details revealed about his parents and people only came across a statement given by his father about his deteriorating health, and he asked for prayers for his recovery.

As Abhradeep Saha was an Indian content creator, he posted videos related to the ICC World Cup cricket team, and the ongoing IPL 2024 also came under his video. He recently posted a video on a Bollywood film, Shaitan, on March 8, 2024, where he gave a review of the film and his video was amazing. 

Abhradeep’s father constantly kept his updated about his health conditions since the news of his being admitted to the hospital came online. The information was released through the YouTubers community section, and at present, there has not been any comment after his tragic passing away. 

Reactions of Fans after his death

Angry Rantman’s fans are unable to accept the tragic news, and they have posted their emotions through Twitter and other social media accounts. They have only talked about his lively presence and unique sense of humor. They said they would miss his presence; he was a real icon. 

The Twitter platform was filled with condolence messages after people learned about his death. They sent their heartfelt condolences to his family and friends who are suffering in this tough time. He was a true legend, and people have thanked him for his unique on-screen presence and his online content. 

People unaware of Angry Rantman and his unique videos can find several videos uploaded on his YouTube channel under the same name. We deeply miss his presence, pray for the departed soul, and extend our support to his family and friends.

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